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Cat Pavilion

Cats make amazing pets, they are smart, independent, and full of personality, they love a good nap, are amazing listeners and make great best friends for the whole family.

Walk in and search the array of cat enclosures to find the cat or kitten that will best fit into your family and lifestyle. With a wide range of sizes, ages, coat types and personalities it won’t be hard to find a new furry friend.

Each cat breed brings individual traits and care requirements, so our friendly feline experts will be there to help you find the cat that is most appropriate for you.

Adoption interviews will be conducted with interested adopters for each animal. Interviews are conducted to ensure that the animals being adopted go to the most suitable home for that animal.

During your adoption interview, you may be asked about your lifestyle, such as work hours, family members (including existing pets), details about your home such as having a ‘launch room’, window screening and where you cat will spend their days and most importantly how your new cat will be included in your family.